culinary My contributions to this project: code

Culinary Site

I was hired to code this site from PSD’s into a highly customized WordPress template. The site is an update for a San Francisco-based group that is into culinary delights of all kinds. It is a membership-based site, and had some of the most complex requirements I’ve yet to come by.

The group needed to have a site for typical visitors that perused their blog and wanted to learn about their group, but they also wanted a “members only” area, that one could have access to only when you were logged in. (And you could only log in if you were an approved group member!)

I used Gravity Forms and the Registration Add-On, as well as the PayPal Add-on for these requirements. I “rolled my own” directory – which members could view only once logged in – that provided access to the other members of the group. I think the most fun – for me, anyway – was creating a date-based function that would pull in a “Join this Group” form with reduced-rate pricing, something that was available only during a few months of the year. So instead of the group having to go in and manually change the pricing in the system, when the date hit for the reduced rate to go into effect, the proper form is pulled in – and when the time ends, the regular form pops in.

Among other things, it uses a lot of customizations to keep the members out of the back end, and a lot of jQuery for nice animations and slideshows (as well as useful pagination for the member directory). Speaking of the directory, I also had to hand-roll a custom search feature, so you could easily search through the nearly 200 members to find who you were looking for. I think that was one of the most difficult parts of the project, and it was the most rewarding when it was complete!