Yes, I realize I am a business. That’s why this page is “hidden,” you kinda have to know where to look to even see this page. This site is mostly for me – even though I make the information in my tutorials and experiments public knowledge, in all reality it’s all here to promote my business and provide some kind of filing system/searchable database for tips and tricks that I’d like to remember for later use. The fact that it’s open to the public is merely a nicety on my part. I know that sounds… well, arrogant and narcissistic, but it’s true. Which is why I’ve hidden this page – I’m not in the habit of asking for donations for work I do and get paid for.

However, be that as it may, I have had many people request that I put one on my site. I find such requests not only overly-generous, but it floors me that people think I’m helpful enough that they’d like to give me money. There is a certain responsibility, I think, to accepting donations of actual money, and normally I’m not really into that. But because I’ve been asked many times to do this, I’m caving in.

One caveat, though.

I do not plan to keep funds that are donated to me. I have a business here, and for now, it works very well in supporting the things I need it to. I’m by no means wealthy, but compared to a life I lived before, I’m very rich. However, especially in this economy, there are people out there who don’t come even remotely close to where I’m at now – or where you are at now.

So if you insist on donating to me, I insist on the right to channel those funds into a place where it can become more useful. Most likely, your donation will go directly to Kiva or, more locally, to the South Park Inn located here in Hartford, CT.

However, it would be great if you could find someone close to you that needs help more than I do. You can go ahead and send me $5, or even $500 – but I bet there’s someone in your own hometown who could use it more than I can.

That being said, here’s the button. Hopefully my little spiel up there forced you to think of a better place to route your funds. If I never receive a cent from this button, then I will smile – because I’ll know you almost clicked it, and I talked you into helping someone else instead!