Hello, there, I’m Shellyweb designer, developer & WordPress addict!


I run a web design and development company in the Hartford suburb of Simsbury, CT.

My goal is to create beautiful and usable websites that connect with people.

My passion is finding solutions to challenges that are presented to me.

My inspiration is from life, the world, and from you.

Recent tips from the Blog

My Goodness, I’ve been busy!

Pathetic excuse, I know. But I've been doing a little "housecleaning" around here. I've noticed that my site is a wee bit broken in areas, and I just haven't had the chance to come along and fix it. My stuff always seems to take the back seat to everyone else! Such is life :) In any case, some changes are forthcoming. Please be patient with me :) read more »

Extra Info on Creating WordPress Themes

Anthony, over at Maddison Designs, happily reminded me this morning that I needed to update my tutorials on creating WordPress themes. He is such a sweetheart - he said he actually learned how to do it himself from a tutorial I wrote eons ago. I caught him in a discussion on Twitter with someone else, talking it over, and I realized exactly how old the tutorials were (the first is now over 6 years old, while the second run is over 3). Yes, I should be updating these things more often, but honestly,... read more »