Hello, there, I’m Shellyweb designer, developer & WordPress addict!


I run a web design and development company in the Hartford suburb of Simsbury, CT.

My goal is to create beautiful and usable websites that connect with people.

My passion is finding solutions to challenges that are presented to me.

My inspiration is from life, the world, and from you.

Recent tips from the Blog


It's 2015. Where did the year go? I've actually gotten emails from people throughout this past year, asking me to "come back to blogging", and to "revive my site". I notice the last time I posted anything here was mid-2013. Oh, how I have let things slide. My past year was full of uncertainly, and ADHD-like behavior. I've signed up for a gazillion email newsletters, and have yet to read any of them. I've tried a gazillion methods of keeping track of things and organization, and they all fell by the wayside within a week. My... read more »

My Goodness, I’ve been busy!

Pathetic excuse, I know. But I've been doing a little "housecleaning" around here. I've noticed that my site is a wee bit broken in areas, and I just haven't had the chance to come along and fix it. My stuff always seems to take the back seat to everyone else! Such is life :) In any case, some changes are forthcoming. Please be patient with me :) read more »